about me

i'm marta dansie. i fell in love with writing in the ninth grade. i've been doodling the details in the margins ever since. i am a graphic designer by trade. i run Marta Dansie Design LLC from my home. (if you need a cool logo or stunning invitation, let me know. i also do custom calligraphy, business cards and my specialty is book layout. i'm big on helping out small businesses!) i strive to be a devoted mom and wife because that's the most important thing. my husband is my hero and we have a simple happy life together. i believe in Christ and am a devout mormon–though i don't often post on religious topics–my beliefs have shaped who i am. follow this link to read more about my religion. among other things i am a fan of pretty paper, typography, bubble baths, double stick tape and pop culture. blogging tends to be my happy place.

i love blogging and am currently going on my sixth year with this obsession. martawrites is where i keep my personal memoirs, design inspiration, online discoveries, favorite photos, diy crafts, recipes and efforts in handmade endeavors. i also tend to rave about things i love and reflect on happenings i don't want to forget. 

being raised by a writer and a historian, i am excited about supporting small businesses and up and coming entrepreneurs. if you have an etsy shop you think i'd enjoy, send me a link to your wares. oh and i love a good penpal, so please say hello. i am not paid for blogging therefore, i blog to the beat of my own drum. thank you for reading. every writer needs an audience and i love getting to know you.

i'd love to hear from you. your comments and inquiries are so appreciated, however i am not always able to respond to every email. martaATmartawritesDOTcom.

p.s. this photo is a favorite of mine (taken by my husband). we were on a train heading to kyoto, japan. i was attempting to jot down the details as they sped by.

feel free to follow along my daily snapshots on instagram: @martawrites

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