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favorite posts

personal favorites

the color yellow. peanut butter & chocolate ice cream. pilot 0.7 pens. gray tee shirts. holding hands. double stick tape. moleskin notebooks. scripty + straight fonts. sleeping in. fashion magazines. yoga class. polka dots. letterpress. singing around the campfire. staying in the theater until the credits are over. new york city. blogging, obviously. the ipod shuffle. 12x12 paper. h&m. getting butterflies. chocolate chip & rice krispie cookies. rounded corners. bubble baths. bernice's strawberry jam. going to church. pinkberry. still knowing every word to a song that i haven't heard in years. the target dollar aisle. postage stamps. having a penpal. making mural collages. reading stories aloud. writing lists. crossing off lists. fancy calligraphy. dinner around the table. blooming peonies. tulips in holland. museums in paris. shrines in japan. mountains in utah. huntington beach in california. skies in idaho. waking up and remembering last night's dream. dog-earring good books. reed's dairy chocolate milk. broadway shows.

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