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08 May 2012

introspection no. 05

am feeling high as a kite these days as two big wedding invitations (that i designed!) are in the mail and being sent out into the world. i always tell dan, the design process isn't over until the fat lady sings i see the finished product (without any errors) in my hands!

the designs i've been involved in lately have revved my excitement to revamp my website, photograph my designs better and get rolling on re-working and refining my graphic design business. i want to offer more readily available invitations of all kinds. i'm especially thrilled about my first invitation design printed via letterpress by my dear friend miranda! i have yet to feel those puppies in my hands, but from her instagram shots, they are lookin' lovely. yay for awesome collaboration efforts.

i get impatient when ideas are a-brewing and i have nothing to show for them. but–like the babe growing in the belly–i must remind myself, all good things take time.

08 November 2011

introspection no. 04

not that i write for applause, but feedback is nice. and your feedback yesterday was brilliant. thank you. i have to be honest with you. even though i've been at this whole pouring out my soul onto the internet for a long time now, i always play this little mind game when i write a personal, reflective post like yesterday's. the words come tumbling out of me and, once it's all out there, i tell myself not to post it. i give myself the same lecture about not divulging too much personal stuff, to stop boring my readers. (i tell myself, tutorials are where it's at! buck up and give the reader something they can make / bake / create.) i feel sheepish and wonder if anyone will get what i'm writing about. but then the adrenaline hits and i just go ahead and schedule it to post (while i'm sleeping). and i force myself to stop thinking about it and get over myself. (admittedly, in my head, i use the same voice carrie fisher used in when harry met sally when she meets her future husband on a double date and she goes, get oooover yourself! it's the best. that duo is almost as good as harry and sally. agreed?!)

with time, i've come to know that the posts that i'm most scared of are, in fact, the words that resound most with readers; or so it seems. thank you for coming out of your shells and commenting such thoughtful things. thank you for affirming that what i say meant something to you. it is so encouraging to me. now, i urge you. the scary stuff is the good stuff. keep writing the scary stuff. apparently, that's where it's at. what are your thoughts?! do you get personal on your blog? (do you give yourself mini lectures?! no? just me?)

claire commented with a compliment i will treasure; maybe because it is how i genuinely hope to be. she said, You write what you know you should write. And that's why i keep coming back: you are real. 

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p.s. need another cute throw pillow!? tune in today to see another happy etsy find.

04 March 2011

introspection no. 03

dedicated to this week's new obsession.

but really, i'm pressing pause on pinning for a second. i have a life to lead. this weekend we're taking benj on an adventure (ski day!), i have to teach the lesson at church on sunday (eek!), i must re-stock this fridge, and i'm gearing up for our virtual book club. see you monday! 

do you have any exciting plans?

24 February 2011

introspection no. 02

it is often the case that my best work is done by the light of the moon.
my imagination is a night owl. how about yours? when does your creativity spark?

20 February 2011

introspection no. 01

introducing introspection / a collection of thoughts.

no. 01 this one came to me when emailing a new-to-blogging blogger who had a hard time knowing that she could indeed still add something valuable to the overwhelming creative online world. i definitely understand the feeling of it's already been done before. it is our weaknesses winning the battle. we must fight for creativity. especially our own. where do you find inspiration?

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